SE.CO.PACK CODE OF CONDUCT is based on general guidelines and principles: responsibility, honesty, transparency, respect of law, respect of human rights, respect for stakeholders interests, environment protection.


Responsibility – honesty – transparency – respect of law is not involved in any violation of laws and rules and reject corruption and bribery.

Accurate and complete accounts are presented, using correct accounting methods.

Sales and purchase follow honest principles and good contract procedures.


Human rights – stakeholder interests – environment protection is not involved in any violation of human rights and does not accept or tolerate discrimination, abuse, child labour or labour through coercition.

Promotes any action to improve safety and good working conditions.

Promotes cooperation and respect among the employees to create a good working environment.
Does not accept discrimination, offensive or defamatory behaviors.

Promotes the sustainable use of resources and products/technologies reducing the impact on environment.
Does not buy, use or sale dangerous products for human health, safety or environment. accepts and promotes international guidelines of ethical behavior and acts to have a positive influence inside the community in which operates