Pallet wrapping process optimization
Optimization is the development of a specific wrapping process that ensures product safety, using the minimum amount of stretch film. There is no single solution that guarantees safety and savings of stretch film and is valid for any palletized unit.
Film estensibile, Filmatura pallet, metodi di imballo, pallettizzazione
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Pallet wrapping

Process optimization


Packaging optimization means setting up a specific wrapping process that ensure safe load palletized units, while using a minimum quantity of stretchfilm.

There is no single solution that ensures full load unit stability, lightweight packaging and cheaper costs.

What we mean with optimization


Our technical service:

Examines all factors

Defines and fix a tailored solution

Checks the effectiveness and the cost for the wrapping solution

Load weight
Load shape
Machine features
Machine settings
Prestretch level

Why optimize packaging?

Reduce damages

Improves unit load stability across the distribution chain

Prevents products become waste

Reduces claims

Improving safety for operators

Prevents accidents caused by instable loads

Reduced the quantity of stretchfilm

Efficient wrapping minimizes the weight of stretchfilm per palletized unit

Cut costs

Increases the quantity of palletized units wrapped using 1 kg of stretchfilm

Improved sustainability

Minimizes raw materials, water, energy for stretchfilm production

Reduces transports

Decreases emission

Reduces packaging waste after use

Optimized packaging is like a tailored suit.
One size doesn’t fit all and there is no single solution as there are many types of palletized units.
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See more about our strethcfilms

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